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    Commerce and Enterprise Logistics Research

    Writer:久威倉儲Source:久威倉儲設備有限公司 Date:2013年7月31日 13:13

    A logistics model constitutes an important element of e-commerce essentials

    In the area of ??electronic commerce has an important model , and e-commerce essentials model is an abstraction of reality description of e-commerce , enterprise mainly by the provision of goods , electronic markets, and many other elements of composition , e-commerce in any one transaction , are associated with a variety of abstract " flow" related, such as information flow, capital flow, etc. , only logistics entity , that is, see, see , and is part of the virtual and reality only through the logistics , to be able to timely delivery of goods to ensure the smooth progress of e-commerce .

    Second, the logistics is the cornerstone of e-commerce

    With the development of society, various transactions after another, but are inseparable way , and the circulation of goods , completion of any production activity must have logistics support , it can be said , left the logistics, production will be difficult to sustain from a certain perspective , a series of logistic activities constitute many of the elements of production , although e-commerce is developing rapidly in the world , but left the logistics support , the powerless , precisely because of the logistics of development before With the rapid development of e-commerce foundation , otherwise , there is no timely logistics , in a convenient e-commerce can not proceed smoothly.

    Third, the logistics is to achieve e-commerce assurance

    Logistics is very important for e-commerce in China is very famous site Taobao , I believe everyone has a shopping experience that when you have finished selecting products , the most wanted to ask is what you can deliver , we can see the importance of logistics , when customers who purchased the goods , the transaction process is not over, only the timely and efficient logistics to deliver goods to be able to complete the transaction , so the whole implementation process of e-commerce , logistics is the fundamental guarantee , if not timely and effective delivery of logistics of goods , no matter how powerful e-commerce are difficult for customers to accept , logistics development today, both technically and management, have already had a very strong progress in reducing the cost of products , improve production capacity has a very important role.

    1 It can be seen in e-commerce logistics an important role in the process of modernization and the scale of the logistics for the development of e-commerce to promote the role is very great , for some only pay attention to e-commerce in the information flow and capital flow management concerned, should change their concepts, while the electronic age logistics also has its own characteristics, mainly in the following aspects:

    ( A ) information . With the development of computers , e-commerce has become very powerful, but also the progressive realization of the logistics information technology , logistics, information technology has its own characteristics , mainly in the logistics information processing digitized , can be fully automated computer data transmission and the realization of digital and information stored digitally , etc., with e-commerce , logistics and the information can be sorted and the optimization process , thereby improving the efficiency of logistics , if the information is not achieved, then the present logistics industry still remain in the manual recording times , precisely because of information technology, advanced equipment used to make the logistics industry , it has the ability to respond quickly and accurately , computers and new electronic technologies will allow the logistics industry look.

    ( 2 ) automated. Since the emergence of e-commerce , the logistics industry has a significant impact , and enhance the logistics automation capabilities , through e-commerce platform that can integrate all the information resources , improve logistics efficiency, so that the logistics process to minimize the error rate , while saving the cost of human resources , logistics and development of new equipment , such as automatic identification technology , robotics , etc., truck global positioning system, to improve the efficiency of logistics has a very big role.

    ( 3 ) intelligent. After the computer system used in the logistics industry , the logistics industry has undergone enormous changes produced , intelligent step further for the role of logistics , you can automatically analyze the transport path , inventory levels , etc., is the logistics industry development trend , with automated processes , the use of robots , the logistics intelligence has become a developing trend . This is the logistics automation, information technology is a high- level application , a lot of logistics logistics operation process .

    (2) As technology advances , e-commerce will further the development of its logistics industry will have a profound impact, while in turn, the logistics industry is also affecting the development of electronic commerce , the two complement each other, e-commerce on the logistics industry mainly manifested in the following aspects :

    ( 1 ) E-commerce will enable people to logistics concept has undergone change. E-commerce is gradually accepted by the people , as opposed to the logistics industry in the past , people are receiving the e-commerce revolution of the logistics industry , from the previous simple that logistics is just to send the goods reach the logistics industry as a whole change in the way in this process , the advantages of using a computer , a reasonable integration of logistics to achieve efficient and safe destination .

    ( 2 ) E-commerce will change the mode of operation of the logistics . E-commerce can be controlled through the network of logistics , and this control is real-time , you can achieve the rationalization of logistics , such as the cargo arrangements, can differ by computer first time of delivery of goods to reach the location of the data transport vehicles , and then through an optimal combination of the most appropriate path , has reached the logistics cost savings and increase profits purposes , for some large enterprises, but also to consolidate its global network to facilitate business management, but also to facilitate the timely delivery of goods .

    ( 3 ) e-commerce will change the logistics enterprise management form . E-commerce will strengthen the organization and management of enterprises , in the past only for a logistics enterprise, e-commerce is the whole social networking , requiring logistics enterprises from the social point of view to the implementation of the overall organization and management , and secondly, the logistics and e-commerce enterprise integration, change the past, small and scattered business model requires a large-scale business philosophy to adapt to the modern e-commerce systems .

    However, even in a strong e-commerce development , still has its shortcomings, logistics bottleneck is a prominent problem , mainly in the logistics network can not resolve the problem , the Internet e-commerce platform as the main logistics can play a catalytic role , However, we can not be fundamentally solve the logistics problems, which require a lot of construction logistics platform entity only solution , while in most parts of our country , the development of the logistics industry is relatively backward in e-commerce, also resulted in the development of e-commerce restrictions.

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