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    Shelf shelf design selection criteria

    Writer:久威倉儲Source:久威倉儲設備有限公司 Date:2013年7月31日 13:14

    Shelf shelf design selection criteria

    Should consider the memory cell size, weight and number of layers stacked pillars and beams to determine the structure and size .

    ( 1 ) the role of the rear connecting rod : for the two back to back connection between the shelves to increase the overall rigidity . Connecting rod length should be adapted to the shape of the goods , the goods Buzhi Yu extend shelf outside ;

    ( 2 ) the clearance shelves and tray size - easy access to goods and convenient operation ;

    ( 3 ) the upper beam and ceiling shelves distance - to maintain adequate clearance forklift operation ;

    ( 4 ) pillars of the selection criteria - the load-bearing pillars at the lowest level ( 6 tons ) and the lowest level of the main beam height (1.1m) Select a different heavyweight pillar ;

    ( 5 ) post and beam assembly relationships - using hook and slot assembly method ;

    ( 6 ) tray support beams - each spaced a certain distance bolted install a support beam to increase the beam rigidity ;

    ( 7 ) pillar design - required when there is sufficient load-bearing strength, stiffness and stability , according to different design different specification section thickness ( heavyweight , middleweight and lightweight ) ;

    ( 8 ) beam design - requires deflection under load of a small amount of hook design and beams crash off designs.

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