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    The concept of automated warehouse

    Writer:久威倉儲Source:久威倉儲設備有限公司 Date:2013年7月31日 13:16

    Automated warehouse concept, characteristics and function

    1.1 Concepts

    Currently, in the world right automated warehouse definition is not uniform , generally divided into two categories. Some countries who set high automatic control of multi- storage warehouses are called automated warehouse . We believe that the definition of warehouse conditions are:

    ( A ) storing multi-layered , using the top shelf to store items ;

    ( 2 ) product implementation unit out of storage container ;

    ( 3 ) warehouse management and mechanical equipment controlled by computer automation. The general use of artificial manipulation of machinery and equipment, to achieve high collection warehouse storage is multilayered , then known as high-bay warehouse .

    1.2 Features

    The automated warehouse , the goods in the warehouse to the high turnover in order to reduce the backlog of funds ; goods varieties, the total inventory is also greatly increased, they use top shelf and a variety of forklift trucks and stackers, in order to improve the warehouse area , space utilization , achieve their ancestors first out ; most established computer warehouse management information system Ms), and became the enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an important part. In addition, the amount and distribution of selected goods number of points , there is growth in geometric progression , and sometimes distribution processing needs. The changes can be seen from the above , the function of automated warehouse just take good care of good items and maintenance items , more punctual, fast circulation and distribution functions. From quantitative to qualitative change, the name was changed to the majority of warehouse distribution centers and logistics centers , but also the dynamics of the market economy , said the warehouse . Large-scale , large-scale , systematic warehouses, distribution centers and logistics centers tend to import modern science and technology and its facilities , such as: barcode technology , information, identification and transmission technology, frequency conversion technology, programmable control technology, automatic address recognition technology , dispensing technology, wired and wireless digital transmission technology show picking fRFI D), computer management and network technology , satellite positioning tracking technology (GPS) and so on.

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