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    Shelves twenty standard

    Writer:久威倉儲Source:久威倉儲設備有限公司 Date:2013年7月31日 13:19

    1 , to mark 11 stock items , out temporarily out of stock label , and indicate the date and arrival time out ;

    2 , merchandising rules are in accordance with the brand , color depth , and low price principle , the same series of goods on display from top to bottom , left to right order , from small to large classified display ;

    3 , commodities face position ( side with Chinese explanation ) forward , display neatly stocked plump ;

    4 shelves finished goods clearance sale merchandise complement to pull the spare row near the surface ;

    5 , commodities and laminates All -Share Index is maintained between two wide , extra space will remain in the lower ;

    6 , the display of goods on the shelf goods must comply with the principles of classification ;

    7 , all of the stock to keep the vacancy can not be filled with other goods ;

    8 -bit display surface to determine the product can not be altered without permission , if there are special circumstances , the manager must have signed consent rectification ;

    9 , a single product face -bit commodity kept at least 18cm-20cm;

    10 , can not have on the shelves defective , expired goods ;

    11 , the display of goods on the shelf goods must comply with the principles of classification ;

    12 , sale merchandise sales because of the shelf can not meet the needs of customers and special exhibitions for the end of the frame, Duitou goods ;

    13 , sale of seasonal merchandise is strong, adequate volume , low price, high- margin products ;

    14 , a Duitou display a single- product principle , up to 34 , more than two kinds , and the low price of goods on display at the front ;

    15 , Standees display merchandise height should be about 1.4m ;

    16 , and the first N frame Duitou to align the display of the main channel should be in a straight line Duitou ;

    17 , clearance , commodity should not do Duitou negative gross merchandising ;

    18 , Duitou display of goods have card board ( pallet ) bottom, the goods can not direct contact with the ground ;

    19 , Duitou display of goods shall prevail card board size can not exceed ;

    20 , Standees display canned goods stacked no more than two-story , carton side up, not leaving any gaps between the two boxes ;

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