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    • Product Name: Drive-in racking
    • Number: A-010
    • Added time: 2013-07-17



    Drive-in racking is designed for storing a large number of similar goods (pallets). Pallets are placed on the supporting rails, which makes possible the high-density storage. The rack system is the most ideal for expensive storage space like cold storage warehouses

    The design principle of the drive-in drive-through racking is to joint rows of traditional racks, without special access or aisle. It is allocated by tow rows of racks installed back to back or a single group of racks against the wall, and the forklifts use the same aisle to access. this system racking is stored from inward to outward, and goods to be delivered are withdrawn from outward to inward in sequence. The drive-in rack is suitable for raw materials warehouses or transit warehouses for periodical batch operations and high storage frequency
    1), Suitable for small variety but large quantity stored products, especially for standard goods;

     2), Very high utility ratio of the warehouse;

     3), Each aisle consists of several level of pallet support rail. Pallets are placed on pallet support rail one after another;

     4), Forklifts operation alongside the aisle;

     5), First-in-last-out access process, one side in/out or two side in/out can be met.

     6), Top and back bracing are used to fix the whole racking, making the whole racking stable and safe;

     7), first level pallets can be placed on the floor;

     8), Surface treatment: powder painting;

     9), Different size available;