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    • Product Name: Electric mobile rack
    • Number: A-005
    • Added time: 2013-07-17

    Mobile rack:

    1.Style structure: Apart-style with double-column structure,each layer can be adjusted .

    2.Handle:  steel-made crank handle, the structure is ratchet automatically linked,it can stop at the vertical position after the closure .

    3.Transmission system:

                                         Chain:motorcycle-specific chain;

                                         Wheel :gray cast iron;

                                         Axis and short axis: cold-rolled solid round steel;

                                         Chassis : 204 double-row to the radial ball bearings in high quality ;

    There's a reliable degree in the center of a straight line, so that the body frame can be balance and brisk when it sliding. Also you can move single-column or multi-column at the same time.

     4.Braking devices: Each column have the braking device,  ensure personal safety;

                                  Each combination of groups have a total lock device;

                                  Theres a higher level of anti-theft capability and confidentiality.

     5.Sealing devices: The contact surface of each column have a buffer and seal.

                                  A dust-proof plate on the base and an anti-rat plate on  the bottom .

                                  There's no gap when you close up it.

                                  It has good function such as dust, fire, anti-rat and so on.

     6.Load requirements:Uniform load on a single shelf is 40kg and on the double-sided is 80kg.

    7.Spraying equipment:  Use the most advanced automated electrostatic spray line

    Mobile rack aren't just for files! They are also a great solution for:

    Law Libraries
    Public & Private Libraries
    Heath Care Storage
    Government Offices
    Fine Art Storage
    Archival Storage
    Archeological Storage
    Back-Room Storage
    Files or Folders
    Parts or Supplies... and more!

    We can design according to customer's requirements!