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    • Product Name: VNA pallet rack
    • Number: A-004
    • Added time: 2013-07-17

    Advantages include:

    1. The system is designed for standard palletized goods.

    2. The rack system consists of ground beam and guiding rail for fast movement of VNA truck inside the aisle.

    3. Rack beam height can be as high as 15M,the aisle normally is 1800mm,depends on customer requirements.,

    4. VNA rack is an improvement of selective pallet racking.

    5. the system handle with special handing equipment,the VNA truck with roate mast or fork form left to right poston to store in and pick up

    6. pallets form the aisle width and greater height than conventional truck.Aisle width is approximately 1700-2000mm depends on reach height and pallet depth.floor utilization is 50% and 100% selectively.which is the best option for high-density storage

    Special requirements:
    1) Special VNA forklift truck and guidance systems
    2) Very flat engineered floor surface
    3) Semi automatic pallet positioning controls for accurate high level
    placement and retrieval
    4) Obviously it must have excellent rigidity and close engineering
    5) Beams at all storage levels unless low profile rails or wire guidance
     system adopted



    •  The most commonly used, of all storage systems for palletised goods. Low capital cost. Easy installation and simple to adjust.
    •  Compatible with most types of handling equipment.
    •  Less storage density compared to other pallet racking systems



    •  High load capacity up to 4200kg.
    •  Manufactured with the highest quality steel.
    •  Orange epoxy coated (RAL 2004).
    •  Lengths available: 1850/2250/2700/3300/3600/3900mm
    •  Boltless connection with 3 or 4 connector hooks.
    •  A security pins per beam to prevent accidental dislodgement.
    •  Powder coating finish




    • High load capacity up to 21000kg.
    • Frames include all the elements needed for assembly: bracing, feet and nuts & bolts
    • Blue epoxy coated (RAL 5017).
    • Standard heights : From 2 -11.5m
    • Adjusted by 50mm pitch.